opinions on DXF/DWG

We're planning to create a DXF/DWG export/import for our program. We have two choices: Implement our exp/imp based on OpendDWG or purchase the OCC's DWG support.

What are the experiences with OCC's DWG (and with OpenDWG) ?
How much work would it take to use the OpenDWG?

Thanks a lot.

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if I read the infos for the Advanced Data exchange package I don't find infos about DWG support. So if you need DWG it seems you have to implement it by yourself.

Or has the forum supervisor other informations?



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This far i thought DXF and DWG are (almost) the same. They were mentioned together all the time whereever i've checked it. So what's the difference? Is there any DWG support in OCC?

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DXF is an ASCII format and DWG is binary. Apart from that newer DWG files have encryption. They are mentionend together because both are the AutoCAD standard file formats.
As written ask the supervisor for DWG support - I don't know it.



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As far as I know, DWG is Autocad's native format extension but DFX is Autocad's import/export format which is implemented by almost all professional cad packages. If you want to make a DXF reader, it would be easier to read the ascii data and convert it into OCC objects.

N. Sharjith

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Check http://www.opendesign.com for DWG-libraries. They are used by most non-Autodesk software for compatibility with DWG.

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I'm wonder if there are any updates on DXF issue since last post?

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It seems OCC has a product allowing import/export of DXF files into/from BRep:

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Beware that the DXF/DWG format has no support for NURBS. Might be an issue.

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Is DXF import-export a proprietary paid module in 2018?