Oriented Bounding Box Hierarchies

If I have understood the source code documentation correctly, Open CASCADE supports only hierarchies of axis-aligned bounding boxes. Are there any plans to also implement hierarchies of oriented bounding boxes? Or has anyone done that yet with Open CASCADE?

Thank you.


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OCCT 7.3.0 introduced an algorithm (BRepBndLib::AddOBB) building a (tight) Oriented Bounding Box (Bnd_OBB) for the geometry.
Release notes also refer to experimental (and optional) usage of OBB in Boolean Operations, but I don't know details - I suppose there is no yet builders for hierarchy of such OBB:

In Boolean operations the oriented bounded boxes are available in experimental mode and can be turned on by a special option SetUseOBB(flag)

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Thank you, Kirill. I have already been using Open CASCADE OBBs. They work really well. What I am interested in (now) are especially hierarchies.

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I know this is an old thread and my reply is a bit off-topic but I am getting the wrong oriented bounding box for a sheet body with two faces. I posted on the forum but no one replied. Can you point me to the right place to get help? I am attaching the step file that caused the issue