[Patch] FreeImage support cannot be enabled in OCCT 6.5.0 when compiling with autotools

The line
is missing in ros/configure.in

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This change is not enough, here is a full patch.

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Thank you for problem reporting.
Patch will be used for update configure.in in the folloving version of Open CASCADE Technology


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Thanks Igor, here is a slightly modified version of this patch, it should be more consistent with the Windows version.

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I am getting errors when applying the patch. The latest one patches without errors but reconfiguring brings up errors. The original one rejects the Makefile.am patching. Is there any specific requirement. I issued the command patch < enable-freeimage.patch in the ros directory. Am I doing something wrong?

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To apply this patch from the ros directory, you should run
patch -p2 < enable-freeimage.patch
I do not understand how this patch could break anything, did you try to reconfigure pristine sources to see if you have the same problems?
What is the error message?

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Hi Igor,

Are you kidding? Do you mean we'll have to wait for 3 years to be able to compile OCC with FreeImage support whereas it is presenterd as a major feature enhancement of 6.5 over 6.3? Your reply is just incredible.

Best Regards,