Qt and Tk/Tcl mandatory ?

Hello OpenCascade Users !

I'd like to use OpenCascade in my application to display NURBS (OpenGL) and compute intersection with lines.

My application was developed on Windows 10 with wxWidgets and  TDM-GCC.

I fully understand I have to compile Opencascade from sources in this case.

But I don't understand why Qt and Tk/Tcl are tagged mandatory to compile Opencascade in the 3rd party components ?

Isn't it possible to skip those (huge...) libraries if basic (or even no ) display is required ?

Thanks for your help




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In which documentation you have found these dependencies are mandatory?
Tcl/Tk is necessary only for building Draw Harness (which is usually not used by application), and Qt is used only by auxiliary Inspector tool and Samples.
Main OCCT components do not require these libraries.

Of course, if you need Draw Harness module you cannot build it without Tcl/Tk, because DRAWEXE is a command-line tool on top of Tcl interpretor.

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Hey Kirill,

Thanks for your prompt answer.

I read the Windows  "3rd Party Components"  section of this website.

I thought all libraries were mandatory, unless starred. From your answer, I realize that isn't correct.

So, is there a list of required libraries versus desired capabilities (display, scripting,...  ) ?


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It makes sense looking from the side, describing the library purpose in OCCT framework.

For instance, FreeImage is used for loading textures and making 3D Viewer screenshots. If you don't need this functionality - you may skip the library.
RapidJSON is used for loading glTF files. If you don't plan using these files - the dependency can be skipped.
Tcl/Tk is required for Draw Harness. You may disable this component to spare building time, but otherwise - it makes sense enabling it (just don't copy unused DLLs to your real application).
And so on.

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Ok, understood !

Many thanks Kirill !