qt5 occ6.6 vs11, visualization


I have been on an 8 month journey, trying to use opencascade.
I Have been able to build occ6.6 with qt5 on visual studio 2012 on 3 different computers (windows 7, windows 8, mac). For over 8 months I haven't been able to render anything. It is either crashing or not showing up.

I have read all the tutorials/ documentation.
Can someone who is using qt5, show me some code that you use to visualize.

Thank you for any help


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Also i can build/run the CSharp and mfc samples, I am certain it is todo with qt5

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Please can someone provide me with some info:)

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Hi, daniel. I'm work with OCC libraries on Windows/Linux/MacOS and use Qt 5.1.0. Also I'm make Qt projects files for basics classes of OCC libraries and use this projects together with main application (I don't use any Cmake or XCODE projects, only Qt Creator pro files on all platforms). And all working cool.

Previously I make theme about building OCC libraries with Qt project files. I may update my previous post with new project files, that I 'm use on Mac/Windows/Linux...

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Ok thanks Yuriy

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Hi,Yuriy.Can you share your project files with Qt5.1 and OCC6.6? I'm learning how to use OCC with Qt. That will be very helpful. Thanks a lot!

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