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After installing the OpenCasCADE6.2, I found that the directory--OpenCasCADE6.2.0\Samples\tutorial\win32\src is empty. Therefore, I could not open all the *.cxx files in the Tutorial project. Anyone can help? I am using VS2005.

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi !

I assume you mean /Samples/tutorial/src, there is no source code under then Win32 directory.

I have no idea, when the installation is complete you should have the source code there.

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Hi, Mikael,

Thanks for your kind reply. Yes, you are right. The Dir.\Samples\tutorial\win32\src is generated by VS2005 and to include the *.cxx files (the meta object files in the Solution Dir appeared in VS2005). But VS2005 failed to craete these files and said that the enviromental variable $(QTDIR) could not be found (error PRJ0019, warning PRJ0018). How to solve this problem?


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I have just had a look at the BuildLog.htm. It is the following command line failed.

"\bin\moc" "c:\OpenCASCADE6.2.0\samples\tutorial\src\View.h" -o "win32\src\moc_View.cxx"

I have also searched the file named "moc" on the "C:" disk, but found no result.

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The moc command is in my case related to QT the GUI toolkit.

Maybe you should install that toolkit as well.

get it from

Best regards,


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You can get a Qt3 that can be compiled with VS2005 from here

although the qtwin project has now effectively closed down, since from Qt 4.3.2 the GPL'd Windows version now supports VS2005 as well as MinGW, and the main driver for qtwin was a platform for developing KDE4 on Qt4.

Unfortunately the standard OCC samples still require Qt3 - thats why I started the QtOCC project on (this wasn't intended as an advert).

Cheers, Pete

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Hi, Pete,

Following your suggestion, I downloaded the Qt3 (the setup-qt-win-free-msvc.net2003-3.3.4-3), but it was corrupted. Could you send me applicable one by email? (

With kind regards,

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My advice would be to build Qt3 from source, using Vs2005 to get a compatible OCC debugging environment. Sometimes I take a shortcuts around sourceforge and just dip into some of its FTP mirrors. This link will get you a copy of the qtwin'ned source Qt3 at version 3.3.8.

You should be able to build this from a command line - there batch files for VS2005. Good luck.


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I have successfully downloaded the file. Enormous thanks.


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Dear JianMing,

What should I do after downloading the qt? still got that error..
Do I have to copy some file to the directory?
What about the batch file?

Thank you