SetDisplayMode() not changing mode

I've built a Visual C++ MFC application to import IGES files and then display the imported model in wireframe or shaded. My problem is that I can't change the display mode. Without selecting each shape, I want to change the display mode for all the shapes using AIS_InteractiveContext::SetDisplayMode(). The following code segment is a summary of how I do this:

AIS_Shape importedShape = ...; m_myAISContext->Display (importedShape); m_myAISContext->SetDisplayMode (AIS_Shaded);

The above method for setting the display mode for all the shapes was borrowed from one of the MFC sample applications downloaded from this site. Anyway, I can't get the shape to be displayed in shaded mode. What am I doing wrong?

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Try following code for(myContext->InitCurrent();myContext->moreCurrent();myContext->NextCurrent)

myContext->SetDisplayMode(myContext->Current(),1); //Shading

myContext->SetDisplayMode(myContext->Current(),0); //Wireframe or myContext->Display(shape,AIS_Shaded);

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This method you propose only works if the shapes are selected. I want to be able to change the display mode of all the shapes in the context without any of the shapes being selected. Any other suggestions?

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There are two methods : 1/ set the "global diplay mode" : -----------------------------------------

context1->SetDisplayMode(AIS_Shaded); or context1->SetDisplayMode(AIS_WireFrame);

2/ change the display mode for each shape : -------------------------------------------------------- AIS_ListOfInteractive liste; // liste d'objets AIS_ListIteratorOfListOfInteractive It; // index pour la liste d'obj Handle(AIS_Shape) shap;

// get a list of all displayed elements context1->DisplayedObjects(liste,Standard_True);

// loop on all visualized elements for (It.Initialize(liste);It.More();It.Next())





Hopes this can help...

Stephen JANNIN