shading with Draw

Hello I have computed the intersecting shape between two cylinders. I would like to display it with shading. I use HLRBRep_Algo to compute hidden lines but i don t know how to display this shape seen with shading. Thanks for your answer.

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There is a Viewer Test Harness named AISViewer . It allow to use Draw with a V3d_Viewer . To use it : in the Draw Context :

vinit ;;; Create a Viewer

vdisplay myObject

( for example : box myObjext 12 34 56 )

to see available fonction for Viewer , use :

help v

in the Viewer , tape S to use the shading mode

Hopes it help you


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thanks for your help but in Draw I can t use vinit When I use help v , vinit function does not exist best regards Jerome

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The " vinit " command is only available in in the :

Viewer Test Harness ( the executable is named AISViewer )

This fonctionnality is not available in Topoloy Test Harness ( named Draw ) or Data Exchange Test Harness