Simple improvment to Draw interface

Tclreadline is a gnu readline extension to tclsh and wish. It allows users of the tcl shells to access command history via the up/down arrow keys and other special behaviors ala' bash and numerous other gnu softwares.

I have found using tclreadline with the opencascade Draw package as a simple way to improve the interface. I think it makes the Draw package command line a lot more interactive, productive and fun.

For example you can build a profile iterativly...

%profile prof1 o 3 3 0 x 2 c 2 90

...up-arrow and edit

%profile prof1 o 3 3 0 x 2 c -2 90

...up-arrow and edit

%profile prof1 o 3 3 0 x 2 c -2 90 l 2 c -2 90 l 2 c -2 90 l 2 c -2 90

In just a few seconds - checking your results as you go step by step.

Download the tclreadline source(99K) from

If you run the draw demo program, you can just source the sample.tclshrc file included with the package to get started.

Probably some files can be hacked in DrawResources to turn it on by default.