Small correction around MMGT_OPT=0(2) and MMGT_CLEAR=0

In TDF_Data.cxx myAllowModification is uninitialized parameter when we use malloc(or scalable_malloc) instead of calloc and after we have problem with detection of current state of transaction and Standard_ImmutableObject raise as result.

TDF_Data::TDF_Data() :
myTransaction (0),
myNbTouchedAtt (0),
myNotUndoMode (Standard_True),
myTime (0),
myAllowModification (Standard_True) //need this line

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Hello, Yuriy, this line is there since at least OCCT 6.3.0, which version are you using?

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It's wrong. After night assemblages has mixed.

TDocStd_Document::TDocStd_Document(const TCollection_ExtendedString& aStorageFormat) :
myData (new TDF_Data()),
myOnlyTransactionModification(0) //Add this line

Here is some blocks like
if(myOnlyTransactionModification) {
myData->AllowModification(myUndoTransaction.IsOpen() && myUndoLimit
? Standard_True :Standard_False);


And if myOnlyTransactionModification is not initialized we catch Standard_ImmutableObject with TDF_Label and TDF_Attribute.

I think a reason that when we use calloc, I really don't understand how, but myOnlyTransactionModification is set with 0 ( ? TDocStd_Document is a pointer data ?), but when malloc, we catch exceptions.

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Weird, I do not understand why this is needed. Anyway, you should not set MMGT_CLEAR to 0 in order to avoid those errors.

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I don't see any problem around use this option. Also I think that free method is more memory return with malloc, but it's only assumption, before I don't use calloc before and now I want to use malloc.

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Sorry, I do not understand your answer. Obviously there is a problem, otherwise you would not post here ;-) And I am quite confident that this problem disappears if you do not set MMGT_CLEAR=0.

If you want to check all class members which are not explicitly initialized, be warned that this is a gigantic task. G++ reports that there are 143159 members not explicitly initialized. This is fine, those members are implicitly initialized and should not contain garbage.

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I'm working on this at this moment )) And I don't find easy way ))