Standalone GUI to extract surface


Dear all,

Would anyone kindly help me? I can pay around USD 500 for this task.

I would like to write a GUI (PyQt5) to do the following:
1. The user opens a Step file.
2. On the 3D view, the user can rotate the model and select some surfaces.
3. When the user clicks a button "Select", then the selected surfaces will be extracted and exported to another file.

Please see the attached files for more detail.
The difficult point is that the GUI should allow the user to select surfaces. There are many code examples that will allow users to rotate and zoom the 3D model, but I cannot find any examples that will allow users to select surfaces.

Thank you very much for your kind help.

Please email me davidchik at astri dot org 

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you maybe can try this and some example is here: 


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you can try github->tpaviot->pythonocc  and have some demo here: github->tpaviot->pythonocc-demos 

example->  find the face.

example->  to export file.

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Problem solved :-) 

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Hi david

can you help me