Standard Training Courses in USA

Hi. I prefer in-person training instead of e-learning, and I am interested in attending the Standard Training Course for Open CASCADE. However, I live in the United States of America, and my work is reluctant to send me to the Open CASCADE headquarters in Paris due to cost.

I was wondering: Is there anyone else that is interested in attending the Standard Training Course, living in the United States, and does not belong to a group large enough for the team-training package? I'm thinking that maybe if there's enough of us, we can persuade Open CASCADE to hold a training course here sometime in the near future.


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where are you?

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New Mexico. But my company seems willing to send me anywhere in the USA, just not overseas.

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Anyone from Asia interested in Hawaii for training?


l am interested in your school

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Hi, actually I'm looking (me and my group) looking for an IT course in USA for a period of one year or littel more and some other group we need a course in 6 months.
could u help please.

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plz l am interested in your school