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I'm using VC6.0 and like to build the Open Cascade libs as static libraries. Is this possible with the delivered occ.dsw? Or is there any other way, without building a complete new dsw and new dsp's??

Thanks for any help,
Stefan Waldner

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Hi Stefan,

an older version of OpenCASCADE ( CAS.CADE 1.3 I think, in 1996 ) was released as static libraries on Windows.
The main problem today is that the TKOpenGL dll ( see the CSF_GraphicShr env variable ) is dynamically loaded in run-time.
Historically, Matra Datavision has supported PHIGS, PEX and OpenGL for the 3d display. So the appropriate shared library for 3d is loaded at runtime according to the environment variable.

You ask if you can build the static libs with the same dsp and dsw.
I think it is not possible. You have to make new ones. You can ask this question in any MFC-related amiling list or forum you can easily find on the Net ( try google ).

The easiest way is to include the cxx files you need in your application.

But you will ALWAYS face the problem of the TKOpenGL dll whivh is dynamically loaded ( using OSD_SharedLibrary in Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice or parent classes ).

In conclusion, with some work, you will be able to use OpenCASCADE as static lib, except for 3d.



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Hi Stephane,

thanks for answer.

I will not do any graphic output, I'm just converting some data to step and iges, So I think I will not need the OpenGL part. Is this right?


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Hi Stefan,

I think you can ignore the OpenGL part if you don't use XDE.

Patrik Müller