There should be two forums

I think there should be two forums: one for beginners and an other for advanced users.

This is important to balance things.

While some people here are still installing OC and can't run a single program, others are discussing complex geometry issues.



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Dear Billy,
Actually, two forums already exist:
- this one (, which is intended for beginners or programmers looking for help
- the forum of projects owners on the Open CASCADE Contributors Portal ( for highly experienced Open CASCADE users, who have grown enough to be able to present their own projects or to make contributions to Open CASCADE.


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But the Open CASCADE Contributors Portal seems inactive. It is nearly updated over a long time.

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I still think that the two forums should be held in the same place.

Even better would be to divide it in subjects. Something like this:

- Setup & installation
- Modeling Data & Algorithms
- Mesh
- Visualization
- Data Exchange

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Thank you for your input Billy

We have talked a lot concerning these two forums. Today, we succeeded in offering two forums with very distinct targets:

The one on is dedicated to users, beginner or experts.

The second one on is only dedicated to technical improvements projects around the Open CASCADE product. Of course, there are less messages there, because there are less people contributing in the Open CASCADE source code, than users all over the world.

I think this distinction is important.

But maybe we can work on the users forum (this one) and split it into several forums, as you proposed. Is it pertinent? Is it useful for you, dear users?

Let's decide. Please give your input concerning Billy's proposal.

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