There is some missing files in source


I'm interested in projection of a point onto a curve.

So, I have downloaded the "sourceModelingData" file, and found the class "Extrema_ExtPC".

but there is no "Extrema_ExtPC.cxx" file. How can i find the file? I really need it.

plz answer me.. if you know.. thanks.

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I agree that some source files are missing. On the Suns I tried to untar the sourceModelingAlgorithms-3.0.PR2.tar file and it gave me a checksum error. I downloaded it several times from the US HTTP site and once from the ftp site at France (at an agonizing 0.29 kB/s). Both times I got this error. I then untarred the file on SGI which didn't complain - so I thought the tar program on the Suns was not working right. Another thing I noticed was that the 4.0 MB tar.gz file uncompresses to a 37191680 byte file - that is odd, although not impossible, I think.

However when I tried to compile the ModelingAlgorithms component, the script could not find several files in the drv/Geom2dInt, drv/TopOpBRepApprox directories.

This leads me to believe that the tar files are missing some source files.


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The class Extrema_ExtPC is a generic class. It is implemented in Extrema_GExtPC.gxx. The instantiation of Extrema_ExtPC is in the package Extrema (src/Extrema/Extrema.cdl). You can find the file Extrema_ExtPC.hxx in /inc/...

The file Extrema_ExtPC.cxx is in /drv/Extrema/....

However, for your problem of projection you can use the class GeomAPI_ProjectPointOnCurve or Geom2dAPI_ProjectPointOnCurve.


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Thanks for your help..