TopoShape display in v7.4.0 is wrong?


    I import an iges,and save it with occt!It is right in v7.3.0. I upgrate occ to v7.4.0. It is wrong. I want to know why?

Is it a bug in 7.4? How can I do to solve this problem? The image is bleow!

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Could you please attach initial IGES file In order we can analyze this case  and give you answer on the your question.

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v7.3 and v7.4 import igs is right!I use v7.3 to save shape to brep, and open in v7.4 is wrong! Files below!

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Is it occ7.4 bug?

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It is unclear from description how 7.4.brep file has been produced from test.igs.
I'm unable producing such BREPs by reading IGES file using OCCT 7.3 and OCCT 7.4.

testreadiges test_0.igs i
checkshape i i
tclean i

restore 7.3.brep b1
checkshape b1 b1
#fixshape b1 b1
tclean b1

restore 7.4.brep b2
checkshape b2 b2
#fixshape b2 b2
tclean b2

vinit View1
vdisplay -dispMode 1 i b1 b2
vsetlocation b1 10 0 0
vsetlocation b2 20 0 0

Reading IGES anew produces a valid shape, while both attached BREP files have an issue
(after fixshape both shapes look fine in 3D Viewer):

 -- The Shape b1 has problems :
  Check                                    Count
  No 3D Curve .............................. 4
  Unorientable Shape ....................... 1

There couldn't be a guarantee for BRepMesh producing a good mesh for invalid shape,
so I would first try to determine why your shape files have problems.

Fill free reporting the issue on Bugtracker: