Triangulation of an entire TopoDS_Shape

I'm using 7.4.0. I'd like to take a TopoDS_Shape and convert it to a reasonably coarse triangulation- one in which smaller faces are entirely glossed over. Imagine a shape which includes everything down to the threads for a small screw; ideally I'd like to have a triangulation which ignores those threads since they are dramatically smaller than the overall shape. Does OpenCASCADE provide such a function? I understand BRepMesh_FastDiscret​, now deprecated, was for a similar purpose. Can you provide an example of the recommended replacement?

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I understand BRepMesh_FastDiscret​, now deprecated

BRepMesh_FastDiscret was an internal detail for BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh implementation.
The logic was not removed - it was improved, so that there are now IMeshTools/IMeshData tools.
BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh is still there and not deprecated.

The following article elaborates BRepMesh refactoring:

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Can you provide an example of how to use IMeshTools_ModelBuilder?