Trying to build a solid from a set of faces

Hello, I thought i could use BRepBuilderAPI_MakeShell that supposedly helps build a shell from many faces. But i just can't see how we can use more than one Geometrical Surface. There is no function to add a shell to another, or ato add a face to a shell, I can't see the solution, though there should be one. Can any one help me out with this pb ? Thanxs Omar Msaaf

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Dear Omar,

For building a shell from several faces you could use the following methods:

1. if your faces are topologically disconnected (i.e. do not share common edges), you first need to connect them with BRepOffsetAPI_Sewing. You can refer also to several messages already posted on the Forum - search for key word "sewing".

2. if your faces are already topologically connected (e.g. after some explode of existing shell) you can use simply BRep_Builder::Add.

Once you have built a shell, you need to make sure it is closed and then build a solid from it with BRepBuilderAPI_MakeSolid.

Best regards, Roman