Undo/Redo Mechanism in a Qt Occ App

Hi Guys,

I have developed a CAD application in Qt using opencascade libraries. It does all the basic works like pan, rotation, zoom, scale. I have not used OCAF to build all these. Now I want to implement undo/redo option in my application. Is it necessary to do everything using OCAF or is it possible to use the undo/redo part using OCAF ? Please help me ?

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Yes, you need to do everything using OCAF if you need out-of-the-box undo/redo support provided by OCAF. The undo/redo mechanism cannot work if the model is not created, registered and managed through the OCAF Function mechanism.

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Hello Samyak,
I'm trying to develop some tools using Qt and Opencascade too, but I'm not able to configure a simple viewer on Qt. I'm new in OCC and Qt.
I'm using Qt 4 and OCC6.5.5. I Also tried to use QtOCC libraries, but I could not compile it in Visual Studio 2008 and Vs2012 to get the binaries for use.

What versions of Qt and OCC are you using? Could you help me on this?

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I think you can use the Qt's undo framework, its easy...

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I am also going to implement Undo/Redo using Qt but struggling. Please anyone can put light on this topic !