use CGAL and openCASCADE at the same time, compile error?

I want to use CGAL and openCASCADE at the same time
but when I compile the project

error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not support default-int

I think this is because:

openCASCADE define the macro:
# define Handle(ClassName) Handle_##ClassName

while CGAL define a class with the same name

class Handle
: PTR(static_cast(0)) {}


Rep* PTR;

how can solve the problem

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Its a good idea to couple the merits of these libs, curious to know what you're working on...
I've managed to do so with pythonocc and the cgal python wrappers.

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I want to develop CAM software, collision and interference detection, using configuration space

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How can i solve this problem? I get the same compile error.

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#include <Standard_Handle.hxx>

#define occHandle(Class) opencascade::handle<Class>

#endif // OCCHANDLE_H

use occHandle(...) instead of Handlle(...) (which is defined in Standard_Handlle.hxx>

Then in CGAL file Handle.h use

#undef Handle

This works for me. Hope this will help, even if the post is very old.


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I use both libraries.

You can try reorder occ and cgal #include directives, but I hide cgal using with wrapper class and pImpl idiom. This technique also help to improve compilation speed of program with cgal headers.