Using CMake with Ubuntu 12.0.4

I like using CMake over AutoTools and I keep getting the message that I don't have the right 3RDPARTY_*_DLL variables set. I've installed all of the third party libraries and defined OPENCL_*, aside from 3RDPARTY_OPENCL_DLL, because I'm running Ubuntu and don't have any need for .dll files. Should I just look more into how to modify CMake files and fix this myself with a quick check on the type of OS CMake is running in? It just seems like it wouldn't be too hard to correct this and allow Linux users to take advantage of all of the time you guys spent transitioning over from Automake to CMake.

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Hello Thomas,
just define 3RDPARTY_OPENCL_DLL as well as you defined 3RDPARTY_OPENCL_LIBRARY variable

3RDPARTY_*_DLL are redundant for *nix and will be removed soon

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Thanks! That worked great.