Using FBO Created with QT


is it possible to render in frame buffer object created with QT?

I'm trying to create a FBO using QOpenGLFrameBuffer object and I bind to the context. The QT openGL context is created using the native context created by OCCT.

now if I check the current bound frame buffer before and after a view_->redraw() , the value is not the same



if I check the value of drawFboId before and after, the value is different (  before is different from zero, after is zero ).


The result of this behaviour is that the image obtained from the FBO is not correct ( a black rectangle ).

How can I use the FBO created with QT to render OCCT?

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Rendering OCCT 3D Viewer into Qt framebuffer is possible - for this OpenGl_FrameBuffer::InitWrapper() allows wrapping an existing OpenGL object.
But implementing this connection is tricky.

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Thank you Kirill for the response,

the same software worked with occt 6.8. What is different with version 7.4?

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It might worked somehow because OCCT used off-screen frame buffers only for image dump, and since OCCT 6.9.0 they are used for a regular rendering to provide/improve functionality/performance.