Using OCC with VS 2015 and C#

I'm trying to use OCC in my project but I don't understand how to use it, I never used VS before neither OCC, so I installed OCC on my C: disk, and I used genconf.bat, corrected the path for JDK, and ..... what now ? 

Yes I read the doc, but I actually don't understand what to do. And I'm a bit confused with some technical jargon as I'm just a french novice. 

Thank you in advance to any one who may be able to help me; I already waste a full day trying .... 

Drew O'Brien's picture

I might not be much use as I'm not working with OCC 7.0.0 but did the installer come with an MSVC.bat file? If so, you should be able to run that from the cmd prompt in windows with the parameters that you need: compiler version (vc11 or vc14 for instance) archtype (win32 or win64) and build mode (debug/release).  So for example it would look something like this: msvc.bat vc14 win64 Debug.

I imagine you've already found a way out of your problem by now but hopefully this will still be helpful later on.