V3d_View translation in z-axis direction does not work

Hi, I'm using the V3d_View::Translate(Dx, Dy, Dz) function to move the eye in the left/right and up/down direction corresponding to the user.
I noticed that passing a value for the Dz parameter does not work - as in, inputting a value does nothing to the view.
Is this behavior intentional?
Because the documentation does not state anything about disregarding the Dz parameter, or is this a bug in the library?

I've also tested the similar V3d_View::Translate(Axe, Length) function, where the Axe used was V3d_Z (the z-axis), and there was also no movement.

I'm guessing that movement in the z-axis should correspond to zooming on the view?


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Within orthographic projection translating camera in some directions might have no meaning (e.g. camera translates, but you will not see any difference on the screen),
Either use perspective projection or specify camera scaling for zooming within orthographic projection.

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Kirill, thank you for your answer!