Vector visualization


I have some problems with the visualization of vectors. The following code use the Handle_Graphic3d_Group. But it seems, that there is no function for the visualization of a vector (as an arrow with a vertex) between the both points (gp_Pnt) P1 and P2. I only find the function Polyline to visualize a line between P1 and P2.

void DisplayObject::InsertVector (const Handle_Graphic3d_Group& g) const { g->BeginPrimitives();

for (int i=0; i

for (int j=0; j

QPoint P1 = Value1(i,j);

QPoint P2 = Value2(i,j);

Graphic3d_Array1OfVertexC theArray(1,2);


theArray(1).SetColor(GetColor (i,j));


theArray(2).SetColor(GetColor (i,j));

g->Polyline(theArray); } } g->EndPrimitives(); }

With advanced Thanks, Frank Conrad

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Hello Frank, you could try using DsgPrs_XYZAxisPresentation, look at the source for AIS_Axis to see how to use it. You might also use directly AIS_Axis...