View in DialogBox via Bitblt of HPixmap

I'm trying to get the Pixelinformation of my View into a Dialog-Window. And I don't see any reason why the following code does not work...

void CViewDlg::OnPaint()
CPaintDC dc(this); // device context for painting

Handle(Aspect_Window) anAspectWindow = myView->Window();
Handle(WNT_Window) aWNTWindow = Handle(WNT_Window)::DownCast(anAspectWindow);

HWND hWindow = (HWND)aWNTWindow->HWindow();

RECT SrcRect;

HDC hDCWindow=::GetDC(hWindow);
HDC hDCDialog=(HDC)dc;
HDC hDCMem=CreateCompatibleDC(hDCWindow);
::ReleaseDC(hWindow, hDCWindow);

RECT DstRect;

int WindowWidth=SrcRect.right;
int WindowHeight=SrcRect.bottom;

AfxMessageBox("Error in Select Pixmap");

AfxMessageBox("Error in BitBlt");
// TODO: Code für die Behandlungsroutine für Nachrichten hier einfügen

// Kein Aufruf von CDialog::OnPaint() für Zeichnungsnachrichten

Most of it is similar to the source code of Opencascade, for example in the RestoreArea-Function of WNT_Window or the SaveBitmapToFile-Function of WNT_ImageProcessor.
Does anybody know why my code does not work?
Espacially the line where I select the HPixmap into the Memory DC doesn't work, which I check with the MessageBox (it always appears!).

Thanks Andreas

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Hi Andreas,

Do you try to have a OCC View in a dialog box ?
I think it is not the easiest way to do ...

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Actually I don't want to have a real view in the Dialog box, but single "Screenshots" of it.
If you know a easier way to do this - please let me know !!!
I try to do it for the last few days now...


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Well, dump the V3d_View in a .bmp on disk, and in the OnInitdialog, read the BMP, resize it if you want, and display it in your dialog box.


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Ok, that would be possible and I know that it would work - I thought about it, but its not suitable for what I want. Actually, the preview of the picture in a dialog-box is just something like a test.
Later on I want to take a few hundred screenshots to pass them over to some image-processing functions.
If I would dump every single one to disk it would take too long... That's why I wanted to avoid the dump function and tried to find out how it works and do the same to save the screenshots in memory-bitmaps.
The dialog-box is just for the testing stage to check if I succesfully captured the view.

Hope you have another tip for me how to do this.


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get the pixmap from V3d::ToPixMap.

In the WNT_Pixmap class, you have trhe bitmap.
Unfortunaly, you cannot access the bitmap ( no access method )
2 solutions :
1/ you add a GetBitmap method to WNT_PixMap, but you will need to recompile OCC.
2/ inheritance :
you inherits from V3d_View and from WNT_Pixmap.
In the method V3d_View::ToPixMap, you change the pixmap from WNT_Pixmap to yours.
3/ ( i'm not sure it will work, but you can try ) : you change only the header file WNT_Pixmap.hxx to put the myBitmap field as public. You can try to access it in your programm

Viel Glueck !

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Thank you very much !!!
Your 3 hint helped!
I simply changed the WNT_Pixmap.hxx and set the mBitmap field to public and now my Code works.

For everybody who is interested in it, here it is, a bit changed to the previous posting:

void CViewDlg::CaptureView()
Handle(Aspect_Window) anAspectWindow = myView->Window();
Handle(WNT_Window) aWNTWindow = Handle(WNT_Window)::DownCast(anAspectWindow);
HWND hWindow = (HWND)aWNTWindow->HWindow();

int WindowWidth=r.right;
int WindowHeight=r.bottom;

HDC hDCWindow=::GetDC(hWindow);
HDC hDCMem=CreateCompatibleDC(hDCWindow); //MemoryDC

HDC hDCDialog=*GetDC();
HDC hDCMem2=CreateCompatibleDC(hDCDialog); //MemoryDC

HBITMAP hMemBmp=CreateCompatibleBitmap(hDCWindow,WindowWidth,WindowHeight);

HGDIOBJ hOldObject=SelectObject(hDCMem,hMemBmp);







It's just a bit funny, that it even captures the content of windows which lie over the view-window. so sometimes even the dialog window :-)
But for me its OK !

Thanks for your help,


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Hi Andres,
Thanks for your hints.
I m using this in my code but i m having some problem. I have one application which i found on top of the desktop so if it is over the OCC_View, it's image also get captured in the CaptureView function. Can you tell why this is happening?

Thanks for your code.
Looking forward to your reply.