Visual Studio 2008 and OpenCascade

Hello everybody,
I'm a new OpenCascade user and I'd like to use its classes and methods inside an existent VS 2008 solution.
I've read a lot of topics on this forum but I still don't know if I need to intall JDK, Tic, Tk, Fltk, Qt, and follow the whole difficult procedure :(, or if I just need to add some dependencies in the solution...and in that case what dependencies and how ?
Would someone help me please ?
Thanks in advance !

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The dependencies listed in various posts on this forum mainly deal with a _rebuild_ of OCCT from scratch. In order to use the ibraries in your own project, you'll need add
- the OCC-include directory
- the Library directory $(CASROOT)\win32\lib
- Additonal References to the libraries from wich you want to use functions. In the reference documentation each documented class has a Package and an include file specified. the name of the package + .lib is is the lib file you'll need to add to your dependencies.

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Eventually I've rebuilt OpenCascade with MS VS 2008, following the whole procedure...
I'm now going to modify the rebuilt samples to obtain what I want.