Visual3d_layer text replacement

Hi, I am using Visual3D_Layer to manage rectangular zoom cursor and to display some entities information at the cursor position with OCC6.6.0. 

Now with OCC7.2.0 the Visual3D_Layer class was erased.

For the Zoom cursor I am using the new AIS_RubberBand class.

But, what can i use to dynamically display entities information at cursor position ?

Every suggestion will be appreciated.






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I try it


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I Kirill,

have any idea of what type of coordinate is necessary ti position the text ?

It seems that it are not "3d" coordinate as the other AIS entties.

It seems pixel coordinate but with Y inverted !? 

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At first, you can check the source code of Draw Harness command vdrawtext,
as well as test cases in folder tests/3rdparty/fonts demonstrating various scenarios of text label usage
(just check each test in 3D viewer to see which one does something similar to what you are looking for).