Visual3d_TransientManager sample

I installed OCC for the first time and look at the samples.
I could not see any "rubberbending" "dragging" "handle" type of sample. From the documentation looks like there are some classes like Visual3d_transient that would do the job.
Can somebody point to me to one sample?
A command to create a segment by picking 2 points will be great.
Thank you

Roman Lygin's picture

Hi Andrea,

Not sure what you mean by “rubberbending” “dragging” “handle”.
If it’s a rectangular selection on the screen – OCC does provide it (just click-n-drag in every sample).
To create a linear segment between 2 points – just retrieve 3D coordinates from mouse clicks (this depends on a paradigm of your app – e.g. you may want to enable work in some 2D working plane) and create an edge using BRepBuilderAPI_MakeEdge (v1, v2).