Visualization tool for simulation a cutting process

For my NC-Programmingsystem i am looking for a simulation tool, wich can simulate a cutting process. The "Library" does not need to read g-code. I give the stockinformation and the path the tool should go. Then the Library should simulate this. Does anybody know about such a library, or is there somebody who would devolop it with (for) me (of cource not for nothing).

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Hi, Christian

about the topic you can search it in the forum with keyword „simulation“. I think, the kernel of simulation tool has to be developed by yourself. Roughly speaking, there exist two different approaches to implement the NC simulation. One is the discrete methode, e.g. dexel, G-Buffer, etc. The another method is swept-volume method. The corresponding papers you can find it on the “”.

As I know, there is no simulation package in OCC, which can give you a direct access to do your work. I am working at this topic, maybe in half year, I will release some code about the swept-volume method.



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I have actually developed one before I got cascade but that only displayed the tool trail during the animation but I wanted to simulate the solid cutting action. I tried using cascade boolean operations after computing the swept volume of the tool between two points and the performing a cut with the part solid. But as the tool advances the boolean operations get more complex and time consuming. Then I searched the web with the key words solid, similation,milling etc. I have come to know that this method of boolean operation is not effective and the commonly used methods are the z buffer and the stencil buffer methods using OpenGL. Now I am trying to find out exactly how. Please let me know too if anyone gets some info. Best Luck!

N. Sharjith

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i am also doing the same thing at the moment and have also the same problems as you!
Did one of you find more efficient?
Please let me know.


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Now,I'm will do the cutting simulation.I want to use the OCC,but I find it is very slowly.Can you give me some ideas??

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If you could read Japanese, you may look at, it is a commerical level free NC simulation/verification software(Free SDK for third party also). The software has English version, though the homepage is written in Japanese only.