Visualizing heatmaps in the surface of 3D models


I'm trying to visualize heatmaps in the surface of 3D models in OpenCascade 7.3.0. Unfortunately, I've been unable to properly color a model since AIS_TexturedShape, aparently, only allows to give a texture to each face and I will have a map of the whole model.

I have been also testing with MeshVS_Mesh but the result is not as I expected. Here is the piece of code I have used to color the mesh:

void MainWindow::makeMesh(Standard_CString file_model_path)
    Handle_Poly_Triangulation aPolyTriang = RWStl::ReadFile ("Cylinder.stl");
    Handle_XSDRAWSTLVRML_DataSource aDataSource = new XSDRAWSTLVRML_DataSource (aPolyTriang);

    // create mesh
    Handle_MeshVS_Mesh aMesh = new MeshVS_Mesh();
    aMesh->SetDataSource  (aDataSource);

    Handle_MeshVS_NodalColorPrsBuilder aBuilder = new MeshVS_NodalColorPrsBuilder(aMesh,MeshVS_DMF_NodalColorDataPrs | MeshVS_DMF_OCCMask);
    aMesh->AddBuilder (aBuilder, Standard_True);

    // prepare color map
    Aspect_SequenceOfColor  aColorMap;
                            aColorMap.Append  (Quantity_NOC_RED);
                            aColorMap.Append  (Quantity_NOC_BLUE1);
                            aColorMap.Append  (Quantity_NOC_VIOLET);

    TColStd_DataMapOfIntegerReal  aScaleMap;
    int anId=0; double aValue=0;

    // iterating through the nodes
    const TColgp_Array1OfPnt& mNodes=aPolyTriang->Nodes();
    for(auto point:mNodes)

       //Giving one color to nodes with high Z and another to the low ones
       if (aPolyTriang->Node(anId).Z()>100)

       aScaleMap.Bind  (anId, aValue);

    // pass color map and color scale values to the builder
    aBuilder->SetColorMap  (aColorMap);

    aMesh->AddBuilder  (aBuilder, Standard_True);

    mContext->Activate(aMesh); //Activating the AIS_interactiveContext

    mContext->Display(aMesh, 3, TopAbs_SHAPE, true); //Displaying the mesh


As you can see in the attached image, I get the colored mesh but i think the lines of the triangulation are also represented in yellow and i can't get rid of them.

Does anyone know who to load a shape and color its surface with a color map? As I say, I'm open to use the raw data of the map and insert it in a mesh and to load the map with an image file and apply it to the whole shape.


Thanks in advance!



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MeshVS defines its own set of presentation parameters via MeshVS_Drawer class and MeshVS_DrawerAttribute enumeration.
MeshVS_DA_ShowEdges is enabled by default, but can be disabled.

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Yes, it works fine with this new line.

aMesh->GetDrawer()->SetBoolean(MeshVS_DA_ShowEdges, false);

Thank you very much!