want to get output in dialog box

i had written program for design of muff coupling..
i was able to make dialog box to input variables such as Torque and shear stress.
i had written program to calculate diameter based on inputs..
and based on that diameter i had written program for muff coupling
till this progam runs succesfully......

but i want to add the code which will show the calculated diameter in the dialog box... similar to the message box given in samples like OCAF..

can anyone help me.......

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Hi bhimesh!
can u able to start the dialog at the same time when u start the OCAF? how do u implemented that?


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hi sas,

i am working in VC++ and i used "Viewer3d ApplicationWizard" and not "Ocaf AppWizard" project..

input dialog box appears when i click the "coupling" icon.. which is linked with the program....... after entering the respective values the coupling is visualized...

my problem is that i want some message box should appear which will show the calculated parameters.....

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Have you solved the problem? If so pls explain me