Weird linking error


Im building a new Open cascade Viewer into an exisiting project.  I have linked in all the .Lib, incs etc and Im getting one linking error

~error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: virtual class TopoDS_Shape const & __thiscall BRepBuilderAPI_MakeShape::Shape(void)const " (?Shape@BRepBuilderAPI_MakeShape@@UBEABVTopoDS_Shape@@XZ)

I cant figure this out please help.  Im using vs2010 and 6.8 version of opencascade



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Hello Derrek,

Is it the only linkage error you have?

Have you included TKTopAlgo.lib into your linkage list?

Best regards,

Forum supervisor

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Thank you for the reley,

Yes this is the only linker issue I have and TKTopAlgo.lib is linked into the package.

Any other thoughts?


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Dear Derrek,

Could you check how many versions of OCCT you have installed on your workstation.
You can see this effect if these versions were mixed somehow.
Or may be you modified some OCCT class?
Check it, please.

Best regards