What is this forum for??

I checked the posts, there are a lot of posts unanswered.
Is there any moderator here?
If "support services" provides help, what the heck is this for?
Please provide a note explaining what I am supposed to ask here in this forum then at least don't waste time any more here.

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We are all wasting time here. Do not expect to get anything in this Forum.

They also have rights not to answer our posts.

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Hi, Selim. There is some misunderstanding. I think this forum is just a forum, and it is not a user support area or Q&A place. It is just for user to user inter-communications. You can post a question, and another user can answer to that but they don't have to answer to that.

There is strict distiction in their service between commercial users and free users. It is thier policy.

with regards,
Sangsu Lee

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Dear Sangsu,
"..this forum is just a forum.."
I will not waste time with word itself but a "Forum" is a formation that provides answers. If you take a look at forums (i.e. JOGL, ECLIPSE, or VIOLIN FORUM at www.violins.on.ca etc..) there are at least a couple of moderators or dedicated persons from whom people can get answers, If It is some thing the members can not answer. If you name this whole thing "FORUM" you have to respect to the concept, otherwise use the name "Play Ground" or "Expect Nothing But Enjoy Yourself Group" (These ideas are free). I am afraid the concept is abused to here, and this nothing more than waiting room for "Support Services".
At least be honest and say this, "Pay the money get the support otherwise wellcome to play ground".
Selim Yucel.

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Well, I don't know about what name should be use, but I do read almost every post made and I do answer some of them when I think it could be usefull, and I think I'm not the only one, even if several posts remain un-answered.

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Just discovered OCC this week, was impressed with demos, so giving it a try. But I do agree with initial message, somewhat, browsing through this forum, there are far too few posts, many unanswered. I think problem is that OCC does not yet have a 'critical mass' of users, or a real 'community' built around this huge codebase, like mozilla, or wxWindows, or openoffice. I like wx a lot, great community support (the news, chat, web channels are all very helpful). OCC uses this hybrid model of selling support. Well, we all need to pay our rent, so I understand the motivation behind it. Would have been wonderful to have some wx-like support channels, though. Nah, nobody said "open source" was totally "free" (as in free beer).

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Hi All,
I think you are right.
Unfortunately, I think there is no body as a moderator in this forum.
Some of my questions are unanswered.
If this forum superviser read this, please as a suggestion ask a moderator to answer the good and useful questions. Of course it will be the best way for making promotion.

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Hi Akbari,

I wouldn’t think answering every (unanswered) question by OCC staff would encourage community activity nowadays. It was the case at early phases back in 1999/2000, but it wouldn’t work now. I tend to agree with Sangsu Lee as he said above – "There is strict distinction in their service between commercial users and free users." – I wouldn’t say better.

If you are a commercial user with time-critical tasks, you may ask for evaluation of their support (at support.contact@ for example) – when I was in the Open CASCADE company a few months ago, we efficiently practiced that. If you are an Open Source developer, you might want to experiment with your own pace asking questions/posting answers on the forum.

The bottom line is that you always need to invest a resource either money or your time. It's up to you to decide :-).


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"The bottom line is that you always need to invest a resource either money or your time. It's up to you to decide :-)."

Yeah, I think this is a great point, putting everything into perspective. Perhaps some from the opensrc community (like myself) tend to take great -and free- (as in 'free beer') support for granted.
But there's no free lunch, and we each need to pay our rent (and our beer). Outlining OCC's 'hybrid' biz model makes total sense.

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Not sure what you was looking for here, its certainly not a learning place, I found answers to my questions pretty easily through the forum though everyting is there is manuals, and I really appereciate this effort!
Thx all!!

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Dearest Vijay,
If a forum is not a learning place, what is it then for God's sake.
I don't have hobby such as horsing around this forum or that forum. By the way of course I figured out what is what. I created my own JNIs, dlls, etc and developed my own version cascade version, and the result is a big, clumsy, slow, memory eating monster. I am doing the same thing with JOGL 500 times faster and with 100 times smaller memory.
Good luck,
Selim Yucel

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Hi Selim, how does JOGL compare with OCC. OCC is for simulation/modeling, whereas JOGL is the Java Open GL bindings? Do you mean that the visualization portion of OCC is big, slow monster?
Here is a question for you: have you tried integrating OCC with VTK for visualization?