What open source projects are using Opencascade?

What projects are now using Opencascade as their core? I know about FreeDraft, but wondered if there were any others out there.

Thanks, Dan www.linuxcnc.org

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I'm working on a Solid Modeler and an application framework.

For the moment, it is just the beginning ( planning, first code, but nothing released ), but when something will become available, I will post a note.

The project is exoTK ( for the libraries ) and exoTKAD ( the programm itself ).

It will be available on www.sourceforge.net/projects/exotk


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Hello Dan,

Thank you for your interest in Open CASCADE. Concerning your question about Open Source projects using Open CASCADE I can advise you to visit our www.opencascade.org website in order to get information about some of these. In particular you can have a look at the Salome project page: http://www.opencascade.org/frame.php?page=projects/cadtofem.html

Salome is an Open Source platform for CAD to CAE linking, integration of numerical solvers, mesh algorithms and physical properties. Winners of the Open CASCADE challenge have also contributed a number of Open Source projects based on Open CASCADE. These projects are described in http://www.opencascade.com/challenge/index.html

These projects cover many types of applications ranging from development tools to machining dedicated components. Another project currently in progress is a project by the L3S in France concerning the developmentof a machining modules based on Open CASCADE.

Best regards - Sana Abou-Haida