When is the OCC release for Fedora Core or EL planned?

About two months ago in one of the threads that discussed porting problems to FC, it was alluded to that there was going to be an OCC release for FC in the June/July time frame.

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Dear Theo,

Probably there was some misunderstanding. Fedora is currently out of our plans of support. 5.2 due to be released in mid-July will support RH8 and Mandrake8 among Linuxes (as introduced in the 5.1.x series). Support of Windows XP and .NET will also be added.

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But RH doesn't has end-of-lifed even RH9 so how do I get started with OpenCascade on RH?

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But RH has end-of-lifed even RH9 so how do I get started with OpenCascade on RH?

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I am interested just for fun, but supporting RH 8 now seems rather shortsighted. Who is using it anyway? It was one of the worst RH releases! You should support RH Enterprise/Fedora releases, not RH 8.

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I agree: RH 8 and 9 were never picked up by anybody. To some degree this discussion should maybe better be labeled against the GCC compiler that is used. Since we are moving towards GCC 4.0 (XCode on Mac, MinGW on windows, and the latest Fedora all use 4.0) so it would be interesting to know if/when OCC would be GCC 4.0 clean.

For me personally, OCC not running on the latest compilers is blocking me from using it. I gave it a good shot to sync it up but there are too many code organization issues that all the work one would have to do to get this code reorganized would be wasted unless you are part of the main sw dev core, which I am not. So instead of spinning my wheels here, I went and got a commercial system to work in. This is really too bad since it would be so good for any CAD activity to have a solid open source CAD kernel to distribute and innovate around.

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Hi Theo,

Well, choice of RH8 was dictated by customer's demand and the fact that Salome 2 (?) was based on it.
Concerning gcc4, according to the Release Notes of OCC5.2.4 (http://www.opencascade.org/getocc/whatsnew/) it seems that it's now supported.

Hope this helps.

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DO OCC support fedora3 64bit processor! I tried to install, but i can't able to do that. Anybody installed and working in Fedora core 3 64 bit. expecting reply