where can i download the locate_data_file referenced by the tests

Hello everyone, I do not know where I can download the locate_data_file file referenced in the test example under the occt7.4.0 tests folder. For example, the following locate_data_file CCH_001_ahdb.rle file.Thank you all

restore [locate_data_file CCH_001_ahdb.rle] a

sewing result $ tol a

checkmaxtol result -ref 9.9999999999999995e-008
checknbshapes result -shell 1
checkfreebounds result 0
checkfaults result a 0


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While test cases coming with OCCT are in main git repository, majority of test data is inaccessible for external contributors due to confidentiality and other matters.

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Sorry, is these test data accessible for the contributors who signed the CLA? thanks