Which faces out of an iges model should be displayed?

When importing some iges models there seem to be many elements that hide the actual model. Other applications like cadexchanger seem to filter these elements out for the visualization. How can I find these elements? The only criterion I found is the more
complex xcaf structure of the "unwanted" elements. There are many simple labels under 0:1:1 in the document containing one face each. Then there are a few labels that contain a compound and many sublabels. If I ignore the more complex labels for the
visualization, everything seems fine. Can this criterion be used in general? What am I missing?


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Hi Dirk,

Iam facing the same problem in my application. When i import IGES file (that is exported from proE), iam getting extra planar faces for each planar surface.

Can you give a code snipper to filter those extra faces?
We are in need to fix this issue urgently.

G.Suresh Babu

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Hello SureshBabu!
IGESControl_Reader::SetReadVisible( Standard_True ); does the trick. Easy!


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It is working now.
Thank you very much Dirk. It is really helpful.