Why shape itself rotation cannot?

Dear Sir!

In shape object , I would like to do local rotation.

why In opencascade, only support world base roation.

Then, I have to implement local rotation.

that is : i have to move object to world coordinate (0,0,0) and i have to do local roation.

and i have to move object 0,0,0 to local coorinate.

I would like to solve this problem..

why not support local roation?..


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try looking at one of the samples... i think it was called SampleTopologyTransformation

a matrix for 3D is used to alter orientation, position and scale of shapes and objects. you need to generate gp_Trnsf (or was it gp_Trnf) objects for these.

don't know of any alternatives yet for now.

don't know if rounding off errors in the matrices might accumulate and distort your shape ultimately too.