Why using OCAF?

I need to know why using OCAF in a CAD application based on Open Cascade.
Which kind of advantage are connected in using OCAF to collect and manage the data of a CAD application,
instead of create an homemade mechanism to work with the Open Cascade Geometry and Topology drawed by the mouse in a CAD application?
I had to evalute the vantage of buying an OCAF course or buy a DataBase system to manage my CAD Data.

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Hi Francesco,

I'm a novice to OCAF too, but can inform you that OCAF is impressive.
It provides, undo/redo, serialization of objects, topological naming ( think associativity ) amongst other things.
OCAF allows you to quickly prototype / produce an app.

What kind of app do you have in mind? I'm a fan of the GEOM module ( on Source Forge ), which implements drivers for geometric operations.
This way your operations are associative.

( Curious to have your feedback on the OCAF course if you go for it )