Will Ubuntu include binary packages for OCC 6.5?


Current Ubuntu includes binary packages for Opencascade6.3. Will Opencascade support Opencascade6.5 on Ubuntu?

Thank you for any info. on this.


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Hello Jane,
Ubuntu is not supported by OCCT (See paragraph "Supported Platforms and Pre-requisites" of "Release Notes" http://www.opencascade.com/pub/doc/Release_Notes_6.5.pdf).
This question is rather to be addressed to Ubuntu team.

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The Ubuntu Opencascade package was automatically made from the Debian package. As Debian now has Opencascade 6.5 package, it will soon come to Ubuntu *Natty*. You have to ask ubuntu people, what is the policy of the Debian to Ubuntu automatic package migration, to know exactly when it will happen.

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I was wrong. It was too late for Ubuntu Natty packages to be built. Opencascade 6.5 will be Oneiric (http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/oneiric/opencascade).