Wire belongs to which face?

Dear all,

I am stuck with the issue. Actually I have a Wire and a Shell.
I want to Cut one of the face with the wire, but I don't know which face the wire belongs to. I tried to check with all the edges "BRep_Tool::CurveOnSurface" but for all the faces it returned NULL.

But when I cut the face(manually found out the face from the shell, to which the wire belongs) with the wire, It works fine, I get the resultant face.

Please tell me, how will I found out the face from the shell the wire belongs to.

Thanks and Regards,
Sharad Verma

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Not sure if there is a function to get the face, but you can always use TopExp_Explorer on the shell to find the faces in the shell and each face has a list of wires it use, so you can always track it down that way.

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Thanks for the reply Mikael,

But the wire is not the boundary wire, it is some other wire, through which i want to cut the face.

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Can Somebody please help me with this issue? I am unable to find the right face for the wire.

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Dear Sharad,
Follow the suggestion of Mikael.
If the specified wire really belongs to one of face of the shell you will find it.
If no - check the point where you get the wire ...
Besides I suggest you to overlook chapter "5. Topology" of Modeling Data User's Guide"

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Dear Forum Supervisor,

Actually, hierarchically that Wire doesn't belong to the face. I just want to Cut a Face of a Shell from that wire, but I don't know which face to Cut with that wire. How will I check that the Wire lies on which Particular Face?

Did you understand my question now?

Thanks for replies you do.

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Dear Sharad,
You can project the wire on the shell and get the expected information.
See also my answer at the http://www.opencascade.org/org/forum/thread_22996/?forum=3.
If you will not succeed you may contact us via the Contact Form http://www.opencascade.org/about/contacts/. We will try to find a solution/workaround acceptable for you.

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Thanks for the Reply forum supervisor,

I tried LocOpe_WiresOnShape to check whether the wire lies on the face, But couldn't found out the solution.

Is there any better way of finding wires or edges lying on a Face? If something is there then please tell.


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Hi Sharad Verma,

just an idea you could try to get the distance between face and curve/shape.
With GeomAPI_ExtremaCurveSurface or BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape and the face with the shortest distance may be the face you are looking for.


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Thanks Alexander Schneller,

GeomAPI_ExtremaCurveSurface worked. I had to check for each and every curve. Atleast this is some workaround.

Thanks again.. :)