Wire Selection Harder Since OCC 7.0.0?


I have jumped from OCC 6.8.0 to OCC 7.0.0 and I have realized, that it is "harder" to highlight or select a wire in the 3D view. That means: when I have moved with the mouse into the area around the wire, it has been highlighted immediately with OCC 6.8.0, but now I have to point very precisely onto the wire to have it highlighted or selected. (It might be the same with other shapes, but I have especially realized a behaviour change with wires that are lying exactly on a shell.)

Is this intentional? How can I get back to the old, more user-friendly highlighting/selection behaviour?

Thank you!


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Dear Benjamin,
The behavior of the selection has been changed in terms of tolerance since BVH selection was introduced in OCCT v6.9.0.
Therefore, precise selection is the default behavior for Select3D_SensitiveWire now, e.g. to select a wire, the user must
hover the mouse cursor right over the wire's border line.

However, it is easy to customize the tolerance according to your needs using API of AIS_InteractiveContext class.
In case if you need more details you may contact us via Contact Form.

Best regards

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Hi Benjamin,

You can tweak the pixel tolerance of AIS_InteractiveContext to get your desired level of ease for wire selection.


Handle(AIS_InteractiveContext) interactive_context; // your interactive context

interactive_context ->SetPixelTolerance( /* your desired accuracy level as integer */);

This should work.