wont install in XP

I have downloaded and copied to cd the full unzipped files - I place the CD into the computer and hey presto the program outostarts
then it gets all of theway through the install to whre it says "removing backup files"
and then nothing happens the program freezez up and have to use ALT CONT DEL to make it go away
I then check and some of the files have been installed but no interface cad program

I did this on 2 differnt computers same problem ?
Am I the only one this happens to or am i doing somthing wrong?

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it takes a VERY long time to install.
try again, and wait ( 30 minutes or 1 hour ).

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I, too, thought there was a problem with the download, but I checked the processes in windows xp and noticed that the installer was still doing something even though it seemed like nothing was happening. I had to wait at least a half an hour before the installer was done "removing backup files." It apparently works, but seems like the installation program could use a little work.

Also, when I downloaded the large, single file, the text for the self-extractor program was all question marks. I could figure out what to do based on the path to extract to, but it seemed a little weird. I'm not sure if it's because I don't have French fonts installed. Any ideas?