write a brep file with attributes (color, name ,...)

hello ,
do you have some brep files with attributes color and name on face for example
I donwload from your site your differents example , motocycle for example , but you show color but the brep doesn't contains any ones ?

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I think it is not possible to store visualisation attributes or a name attribute in the brep format.

You have to use an ocaf document to store some attributes linked to a shape.



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hello Denis ,
it is strange that a brep file can't store some attributes ,I open my brep file into CADExchanger .

Can you tell me what it is a file ocaf ? and do you know a software reads a brep file associated to a ocaf file .

thanks .

PS: I start on opencascade but I suppose that a lot of compagny save there data on the disk with brep schema file and also store attributes .