How to start OpenCascade??

I spent a day and a night trying to get OpenCascade (started).

To begin with I downloaded the latest Version from the website to my Windows XP Pro SP3:

And I got it:

The whole lot:

But surprise: the downloader(s) had put no start-icon on my desktop. That need not be a problem. I have just to dubbleclick the executable to get it going. Hence search the executable:

Windows found 10 executable files in the whole lot. The first two I dubbleclicked and they seemed to do some replay of the installers' jobs, taking me quite a lot of nighttime.

The third one I did not (yet) dubbleclick.

The seven remaining are all third party things giving just a black DOS-window.

Finally: My Windows knows of the software:

But it has no size...

Am I a clumsy dumbie? Or is there somewhere something else (seriously) wrong?

Is there somebody out there that can/will prevent me to give the final dubbleclick?

Greetings from Belgium and

André Anckaert.

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For some unknown (to me) reason this site takes only part of an URL as a link. Please copy them and paste them in your browser to get the images.

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To further illustrate my problem here is a link to an image comparing my actual OCC- Windows directory-tree to what it should be according to the file:C:/Program Files/Opencascade/doc/install.htm that it downloaded on my PC:

The differences are obvious and probably lethal. I plead Not Guilty. But who is?

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Installation of OCC is plain straight-forward:
1. download self-extracting archive (OpenCASCADE630_win32.exe)
2. extract it into some dir
[3. read readme.htm]
4. launch install.bat
5. wait...

Hope this helps.

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What is the name of the executable file to start Opencascade?

I've been through the downloads, but there is nothing that launches the program.

I also did a broad C: drive search and still nothing.

There is one icon that just says opencascade but it is just an icon that opens in paint.

What am I missing?

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I don't understand what you mean with "the name of the executable"
OpenCascade is a software library which you can use when you write your own software (on Windows, Linux). It allows you to incorporate the handling (creating, modifying, ...) of CAD geometry within you own software.
There is a self-extracting archive you can download that when executed will unpack itself.

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I guess I misunderstood. I was under the impression that this was an open source program comparable to SolidWorks/AutoCAD, where it would launch into something that allows you to draw/create a 3D model that can be exported for 3D printing. 

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If that is what you are looking for take a look at FreeCAD.
If you're on Linux install the daily version.
It is a 3D CAD system that uses OpenCascade as its kernel.

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You could also try Collabcad trial version which is 3d solid and surface modeler Cad tool developed on top of open cascade available for windows as well as Linux operating systems.
The Cad model can be exported to iges, step and Stl formats.
To download register for an e-collabcad account which also gives access to web based online 3d viewer of popular open 3D data formats.