Open CASCADE Technology  6.8.0

MFC samples

1. Contents

The directory samples/mfc/standard contains the following packages and files:

  • Numbered packages: 01_Geometry, 02_Modeling, etc. provide projects and sources of samples;
  • Files All-vc(number).sln are auxiliary utility projects depending on all other sample projects. When such project is rebuilt, all samples and mfcsample library are also rebuilt.
  • Common directory provides common source and header files for samples and dynamic-link library mfcsample.dll.
  • Data directory stores data files.
  • mfcsample directory contains project for mfcsample.dll library providing basic functionality used by all OCC samples.
  • File env.bat is called from msvc.bat.

2. Launching Open CASCADE Technology samples:

To run the Open CASCADE Technology samples, use command:

execute run.bat [vc8|vc9|vc10|vc11|vc12] [win32|win64] [Release|Debug] [SampleName]

To run the Animation sample, use command:

execute run.bat vc8 win32 Debug Animation

3. Modifying and rebuilding samples:

You can modify, compile and launch all sample projects in MS Visual C++ at once with command:

execute msvc.bat [vc8|vc9|vc10|vc11|vc12] [win32|win64] [Release|Debug]

To run all sample projects in MS Visual C++ at once, use command:

execute msvc.bat vc8 win32 Debug

Note: make sure that your PATH environment variable contains a directory, where msdev.exe is located.