Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
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HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter Class Reference

#include <HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter (const Standard_Address &Curve, const Standard_Integer NbPnt, const IntRes2d_Domain &Domain, const Standard_Real Tol)
void ComputeWithBox (const Standard_Address &Curve, const Bnd_Box2d &OtherBox)
virtual Standard_Real DeflectionOverEstimation () const
 Returns the tolerance of the polygon. More...
void SetDeflectionOverEstimation (const Standard_Real x)
void Closed (const Standard_Boolean clos)
virtual Standard_Integer NbSegments () const
 Returns the number of Segments in the polyline. More...
virtual void Segment (const Standard_Integer theIndex, gp_Pnt2d &theBegin, gp_Pnt2d &theEnd) const
 Returns the points of the segment <Index> in the Polygon. More...
Standard_Real InfParameter () const
Standard_Real SupParameter () const
Standard_Boolean AutoIntersectionIsPossible () const
Standard_Real ApproxParamOnCurve (const Standard_Integer Index, const Standard_Real ParamOnLine) const
Standard_Integer CalculRegion (const Standard_Real x, const Standard_Real y, const Standard_Real x1, const Standard_Real x2, const Standard_Real y1, const Standard_Real y2) const
void Dump () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Intf_Polygon2d
const Bnd_Box2dBounding () const
 Returns the bounding box of the polygon. More...
virtual Standard_Boolean Closed () const
 Returns True if the polyline is closed. More...
virtual ~Intf_Polygon2d ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Intf_Polygon2d
Bnd_Box2d myBox

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter::HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter ( const Standard_Address Curve,
const Standard_Integer  NbPnt,
const IntRes2d_Domain Domain,
const Standard_Real  Tol 

Member Function Documentation

Standard_Real HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter::ApproxParamOnCurve ( const Standard_Integer  Index,
const Standard_Real  ParamOnLine 
) const
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter::AutoIntersectionIsPossible ( ) const
Standard_Integer HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter::CalculRegion ( const Standard_Real  x,
const Standard_Real  y,
const Standard_Real  x1,
const Standard_Real  x2,
const Standard_Real  y1,
const Standard_Real  y2 
) const
void HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter::Closed ( const Standard_Boolean  clos)
void HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter::ComputeWithBox ( const Standard_Address Curve,
const Bnd_Box2d OtherBox 
virtual Standard_Real HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter::DeflectionOverEstimation ( ) const

Returns the tolerance of the polygon.

Implements Intf_Polygon2d.

void HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter::Dump ( ) const
Standard_Real HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter::InfParameter ( ) const
virtual Standard_Integer HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter::NbSegments ( ) const

Returns the number of Segments in the polyline.

Implements Intf_Polygon2d.

virtual void HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter::Segment ( const Standard_Integer  theIndex,
gp_Pnt2d theBegin,
gp_Pnt2d theEnd 
) const

Returns the points of the segment <Index> in the Polygon.

Implements Intf_Polygon2d.

void HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter::SetDeflectionOverEstimation ( const Standard_Real  x)
Standard_Real HLRBRep_ThePolygon2dOfTheIntPCurvePCurveOfCInter::SupParameter ( ) const

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