Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
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PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal Class Reference

#include <PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal ()
 PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal (const Standard_Integer Size)
 PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal (const PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal &Varray)
void Resize (const Standard_Integer Size)
void Assign (const PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal &Other)
void operator= (const PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal &Other)
void SetValue (const Standard_Integer Index, const Standard_ShortReal &Value)
Standard_ShortRealValue (const Standard_Integer Index) const
Standard_ShortRealoperator() (const Standard_Integer Index) const
void Destroy ()
 ~PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DBC_BaseArray
 DBC_BaseArray ()
 Creates an BaseArray of NULL size. More...
 DBC_BaseArray (const Standard_Integer Size)
 Creates an BaseArray of lower bound 0 and upper bound <Size>-1. More...
 DBC_BaseArray (const DBC_BaseArray &BaseArray)
 Creates an array which is the copy of the given argument. More...
virtual ~DBC_BaseArray ()
Standard_Integer Length () const
Standard_Integer Upper () const
 Returns the upper bound. More...
Standard_Address Lock () const
 Locks the array <me> in memory and returns its virtual address. More...
void Unlock () const
 unlocks the array <me> from memory More...
Standard_Integer _CSFDB_GetDBC_BaseArraymySize () const
void _CSFDB_SetDBC_BaseArraymySize (const Standard_Integer p)
DBC_DBVArray _CSFDB_GetDBC_BaseArraymyData () const
void _CSFDB_SetDBC_BaseArraymyData (const DBC_DBVArray p)
 DBC_BaseArray ()
 DBC_BaseArray (const Standard_Integer Size)
 DBC_BaseArray (const DBC_BaseArray &BaseArray)
Standard_Integer Length () const
Standard_Integer Upper () const
Standard_Address Lock () const
void Unlock () const
void Destroy ()
 ~DBC_BaseArray ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from DBC_BaseArray
Standard_Integer mySize
DBC_DBVArray myData

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal::PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal ( )
PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal::PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal ( const Standard_Integer  Size)
PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal::PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal ( const PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal Varray)
PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal::~PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal ( )

Member Function Documentation

void PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal::Assign ( const PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal Other)
void PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal::Destroy ( )
Standard_ShortReal& PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal::operator() ( const Standard_Integer  Index) const
void PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal::operator= ( const PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal Other)
void PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal::Resize ( const Standard_Integer  Size)
void PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal::SetValue ( const Standard_Integer  Index,
const Standard_ShortReal Value 
Standard_ShortReal& PShort_FieldOfHArray2OfShortReal::Value ( const Standard_Integer  Index) const

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