Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
Public Member Functions

RWStepBasic_RWDocumentType Class Reference

Read & Write Module for DocumentType. More...

#include <RWStepBasic_RWDocumentType.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 RWStepBasic_RWDocumentType ()
void ReadStep (const Handle< StepData_StepReaderData > &data, const Standard_Integer num, Handle< Interface_Check > &ach, const Handle< StepBasic_DocumentType > &ent) const
void WriteStep (StepData_StepWriter &SW, const Handle< StepBasic_DocumentType > &ent) const
void Share (const Handle< StepBasic_DocumentType > &ent, Interface_EntityIterator &iter) const

Detailed Description

Read & Write Module for DocumentType.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RWStepBasic_RWDocumentType::RWStepBasic_RWDocumentType ( )

Member Function Documentation

void RWStepBasic_RWDocumentType::ReadStep ( const Handle< StepData_StepReaderData > &  data,
const Standard_Integer  num,
Handle< Interface_Check > &  ach,
const Handle< StepBasic_DocumentType > &  ent 
) const
void RWStepBasic_RWDocumentType::Share ( const Handle< StepBasic_DocumentType > &  ent,
Interface_EntityIterator iter 
) const
void RWStepBasic_RWDocumentType::WriteStep ( StepData_StepWriter SW,
const Handle< StepBasic_DocumentType > &  ent 
) const

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